When you pay attention to the human side of business, your company—and career—thrives

Whether you are a leader seeking to motivate employees or a professional seeking to grow your own career, the first step is to acknowledge the human spirit.

Whenever you interact with others, see the human being first, and the person’s role second.

In the same manner, you must acknowledge your own humanity and the fact that you need to keep your own spirit strong.

We create programs and content that alter the ways that people interact in business and in their careers.

We’re located on a mountain in Park City, but we work with professionals around the world.

Our first program for individuals is Growth Groups, cohorts of 10 people of less who meet (via online video) at regular intervals. You'll be one of a select group of people who together take a journey towards professional and personal growth.  

We also offer add-on programs for corporate meetings and events in Park City, Utah.



A bit of background...

The name of our institute comes from the Japanese concept of ikigai (pronounced ee-key-guy), which means "reason for being." It's what animates your life, gives you energy, and powers your achievements. This spirit of ikiagi serves as our institute's inspiration for lifelong growth.




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