About Ikigai


The Japanese concept of ikigai (pronounced ick-ee-guy) means "reason for being." It's what animates your life, gives you energy, and powers your achievements.

Recognizing your ikigai can take a great deal of effort, experimentation and self-inspection. Most people need help to succeed in this process.

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What we do

Ikigai Park City connects you with some of the world's most talented creators, innovators, and original thinkers; we call them content partners.

We work with these content partners to help co-create their exciting new programs... and then Ikigai Park City serves as a venue for their programs to debut. All of the programs we host address one or more of the four elements that form ikigai.

In this way, we help both you and our content partners find ikigai.

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Being busy is not the same as having purpose. To find purpose, you must push aside distractions.

Most people do not know where to find the path to ikigai. But now you do: it begins at Ikigai Park City