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Aperture for Growth, explained

Our institute operates based on our framework for positive change, which we call Aperture for Growth. Just as a camera's aperture adjusts to allow more or less light, your growth aperture expands (or shrinks) based on the degree of effort you devote to it. It tackles head-on the obstacles that stop people from growing in a meaningful way.

What do we mean by growth? Here are a few examples:

  • Acquiring vital new skills that supercharge your career
  • Learning to see the world around you differently, so that you leave behind outdating stumbling blocks and begin to embrace exciting new opportunities
  • Not only taking on greater responsibilities but also responsibilities that both excite and energize you
  • Using your talents in gratifying new ways, so that you make a much more rewarding impact on the world around you


Growth is hard. Most people resist it or at least find it challenging to maintain on a consistent basis. Life sometimes seems to conspire against continued growth.  

Our programs are based on eight principles—plus one disturbing fact of life—that you must understand to grow and prosper...

WARNING! You have a secret weakness! Nearly all of us have "secret" fears—represented by that black dotted line around the outside of our framework— that prevent us from changing. All the logic and motivation in the world won't be effective until you identify and disarm this threat to positive change. If you're serious about growth, don't skip this step.

SERVICE: Helping others is the best way to get out of your head and to immediately accomplish something that feels great. Any organization or community based around service creates a culture in which all instinctively support each other.

CURIOSITY: You can't grow without curiosity; it's what exposes you to new ideas and possibilities.

CLARITY: Before you can make a change, you need clarity regarding exactly what you want. You need to know the honest, accurate answer that comes from within you. You also need a clear, compelling and straightforward way to explain this to other people.

INTENTION: This is where you swear allegiance to a specific outcome. It's where you translate a lofty goal into something that is front of your mind EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Doing this involves creating reminders that resonate with you, and it also requires the practice that turns a new idea into a lasting habit.

ATTENTION: Are your actions congruent with your intentions? Do you do what you say? You need systems to hold yourself and your colleagues accountable.

CONNECTED: Think connect-the-dots. This is learning to see and understand the connections between your actions and the problems/opportunities that arise around you. Most people separate themselves from issues, but we are almost always connected to such problems.

ENVIRONMENT: Your environment always wins. You can’t make a significant, lasting change without changing some elements of your environment, which include your friends, colleagues, location, habits, and lifestyle.

GRIT: This is the ability to maintain a long-term focus on a highly important goal. Every element in this framework helps you develop grit.