Growth Groups

Grow your career, and find more meaning

Bruce Kasanoff and Amy Blaschka are the co-founders of Ikigai Park City and the co-authors of the book, “I Am.” Together they have over 830,000 followers on LinkedIn.

By joining one of their Growth Groups, you will move past the “good enough” career for which so many “successful” professionals settle. Such careers provide money but not meaning, and satisfaction but not energy or passion.

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Growth Group benefits include…

You'll enjoy these and other benefits:

  • Gain clarity over what you want and how to get it

  • Learn how to communicate your strengths in clear and compelling terms

  • Discover and weaken the fears that may have previously held you back

  • Master the art of paying attention to the details that will get you what you want


What is a Growth Group?

Each cohort includes a maximum of ten professionals.

Once a week for ten weeks, Amy and Bruce lead a video call with the cohort. Each week’s session is based on one of the elements in our Aperture for Growth framework, which identifies the prerequisites that make meaningful growth possible.

Each call is highly participatory, because our approach is to create a group in which the members help each other, and in doing so also help themselves.

You will receive assignments between each call, and you will both help—and receive support from—the other group members.

What to expect…

At the conclusion of this ten-week program, you will have created a specific plan for injecting more growth and meaning into your career. You will also have created strong relationships with your fellow cohort members, and these relationships will benefit you long after the program has ended.


Learn more about our Growth Groups

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Group Co-leaders

Bruce Kasanoff has been involved in training—and a bit of coaching—since 1995. For example, he started the training division of Peppers and Rogers Group and has led thousands of professionals towards growth, advancement, and innovation.

Throughout her career, Amy Blaschka has attracted people eager to share their stories and to discover the “missing element” of their lives. She’s been a professional storyteller who helped her clients tell their stories in a clear and engaging manner, and thus better connect with their intended audiences.

The pair are skilled listeners; they will react to what you do and don't say, pushing back when it will benefit you. If you want lectures and textbooks, this is not your program. The goal is to help you dig deeper, gain focus, and commit to specific actions.