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"I am..." Insight session

This is one of many sessions we can deliver to any meeting, retreat or corporate event in the Park City, Utah area...

session description

Led by Amy Blaschka and/or Bruce Kasanoff—co-authors of the mindfulness book "I Am"—this session offers a dramatically powerful introduction to the power of personal reflection. It works beautifully for a wide range of people, from those who have never meditated to those who have a longstanding practice. We talk a bit, meditate a bit, then talk a bit more. The emphasis is on being open to new ideas and insights, in a highly supportive environment.

key takeaways

  • The simple prompt of "I am..." can lead to incredibly useful personal insights

  • Taking time to pause and reflect has enormous personal and professional benefits

  • We all struggle to achieve focus and clarity, but the effort we invest in this direction pay dramatic benefits


This one-hour session works best with 10 to 30 participants. We can lead it in any quiet location, inside or outside.