We serve people who value meaning, who cultivate it in their own life, and who enable it in the lives of others around them. Here are some of the ways we do this...


thinking partner: fOCUS AND CLARITY 

We talk on a regular basis (every one to three weeks) with a select group of clients who have made a commitment to align their careers around meaning. These are one-on-one calls, and our role is to counterbalance the assortment of distractions and false opportunities that can derail meaning. 

We can help you tackle specific challenges, but we also guide you through our framework for growth; it's a system designed to help you prioritize those goals and obligations that are most meaningful to you. It also nudges you towards continual personal and professional growth.

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Our purpose is to magnify talent, and we recognize that a spectacular way to do this is by supporting talented professionals who already touch a great number of people: speakers, authors, executive, and entrepreneurs.

We use our storytelling skills to help you conceptualize and create content that inspires others. We work on books, articles, and social media; we also serve as your partner for very high-level efforts to increase the positive impact of your work.

Bruce Kasanoff and Amy Blaschka

Bruce Kasanoff and Amy Blaschka

retreat AND WORKSHOP leaders

We organize two-day retreats in Park City, Utah for professionals who want to discover and better align with their reason for being.

We also deliver workshops and keynote presentations around the globe for organizations that want to better align their efforts with purpose and the human desire to find a reason for being in their lives.