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When you know your reason for being, the world becomes a more welcoming place. 

You know how you fit in, what you were meant to do, and—this is extremely important—you understand what NOT to do any longer.


We magnify talent

We work with professionals who understand and remain true to their reason for being. Some of our clients come to us already possessing a deep understanding of their purpose, but most come with the desire to discover it.

No matter, we help you as long as you are ready to highly value meaning and its role in your career and life.

We work with you not as coaches, but as thinking partners. We started using this term over many years working as thinking partners to authors, speakers and leaders. We keep using the phrase because it beautifully captures our desire to magnify the beliefs and ideas already present in your head... and heart.

At present, we work one-on-one with our clients via phone and video calls. (Later this year, we'll also start bringing small groups of professionals to Park City for two-day retreats.)

We can help you find your reason and then grow into it. We say "grow" with full intention, because remaining true to your reason inevitably requires personal and professional growth. (No one's reason is to sit on the sofa and eat chips.)

Our approach is rooted in the My Circle of Growth framework you see on this page. It illustrates why growth can be so hard and outlines the elements that must be present for you to grow in a meaningful way.

This framework allows us to customize a program that meets your specific needs. Most clients schedule a 55-minute consultation every one to two weeks while they are actively formulating an answer, then switch to less frequent check-ins as they reach new levels of achievement.

If you are ready to find your reason, we are happy to schedule a complimentary 20-minute call to learn about your needs and suggest the right way to get started. To schedule this conversation, please use our Contact page to suggest a couple of times you are free to talk. One of us will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm.

Amy Blaschka and Bruce Kasanoff

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A bit of background...

The name of our institute comes from the Japanese concept of ikigai (pronounced ee-key-guy), which means "reason for being." It's what animates your life, gives you energy, and powers your achievements. This spirit of ikiagi serves as our institute's inspiration for lifelong growth.


This framework powers our programs. It's designed to help you overcome the obstacles that prevent many professionals from growing to their full potential.

This framework powers our programs. It's designed to help you overcome the obstacles that prevent many professionals from growing to their full potential.




"Amy hears the spaces between words and listens through to your passion.  She captures what you say in ways you might not have been able to say for or about yourself. She is inspiring, warm, funny, and incredibly incredibly good at what she does."

— Andrea M. Barry,  Leadership Advocate


"Bruce, you changed my life in ways I am unable to articulate. My earnings increased by 30% in just few months following my session! Bruce is phenomenal at listening to you, capturing your vision and making it plain. He is intelligent and skilled...but more importantly ...what he has is a gift. This is his super power."

— Danielle D. Pollard, Performance Coach for Agile Development Teams