What We Do

You have big ideas. Important ideas. They are based on your experience and insights, and on the diverse talents of your team.


You haven’t yet shaped these ideas into a form that fully resonates with the people who matter most. That might mean investors, employees, customers… or all three.


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We only work with a tiny number of clients at a time, and we encourage you to get out of your day-to-day routine and come work face-to-face with us here on a mountain in Park City, Utah.

Together, we’ll twist and turn your ideas until they blossom. We are experts at asking constructive, revealing, and unexpected questions; these inquiries then cause you to think deeper about why you are so deeply invested in certain ideas, and what are the most powerful ways to share them with others.

Then, we’ll actually package your ideas into a shareable form.

This might mean a book or a manifesto. It might mean a year-long series of articles and social media posts. We might moderate a series of meetings across your company or industry.

Or all of the above.

You can find writers, consultants, and agencies that do pieces of what we do. But—to our knowledge—we are the only thinking and writing team that can take you all the way from ideation to finished product… and all while you enjoy life in our gorgeous mountain town.

Just to be clear, you don’t have to stay here the entire time we are working with you. But you could!



"Amy and Bruce have an uncanny ability to both make you feel that you’re confiding in a trusted friend yet still challenge you to bring out your best. Together, they build on your ideas, enhancing them and find a way to make them a reality. They’re not only skilled advisors, but they’re also excellent creative communicators and do with ease what so many of us struggle with—taking what’s in our heads and translating it into meaningful products that engage and inspire our audiences.”

— Lonnie Mayne,  Founder and CEO, Red Shoes Living

"Amy hears the spaces between words and listens through to your passion.  She captures what you say in ways you might not have been able to say for or about yourself. She is inspiring, warm, funny, and incredibly incredibly good at what she does."

— Andrea M. Barry,  Leadership Advocate